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Larecoin LitePaper

Our whitepaper is now getting upgrades with drawings and tech explanations to the highest degree. The whitepaper is coming when our creators complete it.
Larecoin—join us in developing infrastructure to the future B2B2C metaverse where real world utility aligns with the digital economy. Laying down the building blocks one LareBlock at a time.
The metaverse, an exciting and evolutionary new world where all things are possible. You can plug into your VR set and virtually do anything. But in a world where a digital economy thrives, consumers and merchants can thrive in the real world within it—introducing Larecoin, an innovative digital asset used as a discount, payments, utility and medium of exchange token.
Larecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digital currency which has real world utility. The form of digital currency is called “cryptocurrency”, a type of digital currency. 90% of all cryptocurrencies, even some that seem to be the TOP performing ones on the market today will fail because they have no real-world utility.
Larecoin on the other hand is not only completely anonymous, decentralized and extremely secure but also has underlying purpose and utility. Larecoin is used with a wallet on your computer, your smartphone or a website. You can use it to buy goods and services, or trade it for other currencies (both other cryptocurrencies or traditional currency like US dollars). One of the most popular uses for Larecoin is to "discount" transaction fees of 1% by 50% on Larecoin exchange. Another resourceful utility for the Larecoin is using it to advertise your business on its decentralized ads technology which provides wholesale premium traffic direct to merchants engineered undermine middlemen agencies not limited to GOOGLE ADS, FACEBOOK ADS and the thousands of other PPC ad platforms that rely on AD revenue as a primary revenue driver! Larecoin is a deflationary asset used as a medium of exchange which rewards its holders, gradually burns and reissues its stock into a LP over transaction volume and time. Larecoin, Inc., a Wyoming organization behind the digital asset engineering an ecosystem to further utility use cases for consumers, merchants, institutions and governments to transact on its blockchain network with LareBlocks, an open ledger technology which works with a Proof of Block consensus model similar to of Proof of History. It’s intended purpose is to become the most scalable blockchain technology in the universe to scale real world transactions aligned with its AR/VR b2b2c oriented metaverse. Larecoin is laying out the foundational infrastructure to what the future b2b2c metaverse will be, where everything in physical or virtual form can be tokenized, monetized and or exchanged for cryptocurrency! Imagine having the ability to plug into your VR set from the convenience of your living room to go anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a property you wish to acquire or to execute on your next rental contract with the ability to put down your security and first month's rent in Ethereum or Bitcoin. How about buying a Ferrari directly from a supplier in Italy without having to travel to do a walk around, inspect and touch the vehicle before it gets delivered to your driveway. The possibilities are endless.
With the changes in global lifestyles and people adopting new ways to be creative while they are stuck at home, it may not be entirely random that 2021 was the year that people started talking seriously about the metaverse. During the pandemic, so many things have gone digital from necessity—from being social to shopping, working—that it sometimes felt as if we were halfway into the metaverse already.
Before that, VR was seemingly the most realistic way to push us to a transition into a reality-based digital world. We’ll continue to see attempts to shift focus towards VR with headsets; however, once we are more comfortable wearing powerful devices and things like this go more mainstream, it’s game over. Or could it possibly be interpreted differently? In doing so, there will be different layers of reality that we will be experiencing, even in the same environment or physical space that slowly shifts us like we have been with our phones—passively, in a physical environment while mentally into a digital one. Yet, this has just been the beginning because beyond a phone, our whole bodies will be fully engaged, and that’s where the metaverse starts to get interesting—where all things are possible, and a new and imaginative world with our friends and companions. In this place, we genuinely begin to explore and live in these alternate realities simultaneously with our eternally. This is where real world utility plays a vital role in our digital and real-world life.
Thanks to the level of resolution and quality of today’s technology, the metaverse may appear as natural as real life. However, it’s all pointing toward a more immersive experience that engages all of our senses while staying true to a creator’s vision, for instance, the ability to have a secondary existence in a virtual world with your trading, shopping and advertising experiences. Owners can trade in real-time, shop in virtual storefronts and advertise their products and services.
Our team believes that the metaverse will fundamentally change how we use technology to interact. Users will be able to digitize their real-world physical surroundings and interact with each other as life-like human selves instead of cartoonish avatars in pre-built virtual worlds. And the experience aims to provide the first digitized trading, shopping and decentralized advertising for the metaverse.
Our broader goal for the future is for Larecoin to be the ultimate platform to manage and trade digital assets and collectible NFTs, and it will be the first contactless ecommerce and shopping experience where virtually any item can be evaluated and purchased in real time with digital assets, the first customizable solution for hosting your own metaverse shop to be able to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment using QR generated Point-of-Sale in the digital world and in the real world too, a highly advanced, fast-changing decentralized advertising engine that provides whole premium targeted traffic direct to consumer and merchant within the digital and real world wide web. Our vision is that our version will add to the metaverse. It will indeed be interoperable and open—meaning that down the road, an owner will be able to use their Larecoin as a medium of exchange across all sectors and mainstream industries not limited to entertainment, Dapps and virtual gaming environments.
Our Utilities
  • Discounts for Trading on Larecoin Exchange

    1% transaction and exchange fees reduced by 50% to 0.5% using Larecoin
  • Medium of Exchange on Larecoin Business

    Customers who purchase at shops using digital assets programmatically execute into the Larecoin as a medium of exchange received by Merchants (Merchants have the option to instantly convert out of their Larecoin receivables into any asset class or fiat) This will drive volume in and out of the Larecoin.
  • Decentralized Wholesale Advertising Network

    Advertising campaigns will require Larecoin as a utility token to cover ad spend budgets in order to run campaigns in and outside of the metaverse in order to drive premium targeted traffic to Merchants storefronts where Larecoin underlying technology is engineered to reduce conversion barriers by 99% by enabling conversions to take place in virtual shops and within ad campaigns.
  • LareBlocks, open ledger blockchain and explorer

    Requires all payments made in Larecoin pertaining to deploying smart contracts and integration upgrades

Non-Fungible Art (NFT):

· Cherry Picking Larecoin NFT launches / Airdrops
· NFT Limited Series Launch of Different Art Collections
· NFT Super Exclusive NFT Collection Frequent Airdrops to Holders
· NFT Marketplace (Buy / Sell / Swap)
· Royalty derived NFT Generated Receipts as Proof of Purchase addon as a Rewards Program for Customers who shop at Merchants Virtual Store Fronts (Buy / Sell / Swap)
(A percentage of every resell of NFT receipts will be redistributed among the $Larecoin Holders, Customers who purchase from that specific Merchant and the original owner/ Merchant)


Shoppers from all over the globe whether plugged into Larecoin Business form the web, in store or inside the metaverse, will have direct access to marketplaces across thousands of sections and categories with the option to specify demographic location of interest.


· Larecoin Social Media – Organize meetups with other traders, shoppers, creators and merchants, experience together

· LareBlocks, template driven smart contract generator IDE and explorer open ledger technology

· LareDEX – Lowest fees on the market

· Larecoin BTM Network and 2 Way BTM terminals

Pertinent Information

Larecoin.com - A multi-currency smart multi-wallet digital asset management solution/ launchpad and exchange platform.
LarecoinBusiness.com - A merchant application intended to provide all-in-one ERP business management software versatile to cater across all industries. It’s FREE to use with subscription-based options providing owners simple user friendly non technical ERP business management SaaS solution with tools to help merchants take their businesses online through a QR generated CMS system sell products and services accepting digital currency as a form of payment using Lareocin Point-of-Sale capabilities. In addition, our merchant fintech technology is engineered to provide premium targeted wholesale advertising solutions direct to merchants with the purposes of cutting out the middlemen like GOOGLE ADS, FACEBOOK ADS and the thousands of other ad platforms that rely on AD revenue as a primary revenue driver! Welcome to DECENTRALIZED ADVERTISING.
Our merchant solution goes beyond to reduce conversion barriers by 99% compared to traditional PPC systems by enabling conversions to take place within the ad itself increasing overall ROIs dramatically thus conversions and purchase volumes for our customers.
Merchants who use our solutions will also simultaneously benefit from a rewards program for their shops that tokenizes receipts as NFTs sent to their customers wallets as a Proof of Purchase which may generate yields from shared royalties as a form of reward incentives. Our hardware company Khleb, a Russian word for bread often used as a metaphor for “Money” is a subsidiary brand that will harness our software into its 2-way point of sale devices, energy/commodities/ digital asset trading desks and 2-way BTM machine hardware.


We're honest, transparent and truly unique in the blockchain fintech cryptocurrency sector on a mission to disrupt several multi-billion-dollar markets and the multi-trillion-dollar industry with a robust digital asset management tool/ exchange, merchant solution that tokenizes sales via e-commerce point of sale and decentralized advertising. Larecoin's underlying technology is engineered to drive volume into the token, increase demand over time and act as a medium of exchange.

Real World Use Case

Our solution will enable merchants and consumers to buy or sell anything for crypto where payments for products and or services are simple to understand and seamless to conduct; transactions pertaining to real world and digital world assets; merchants can advertise they're in store and online shops to market their products and services for sale in exchange for cryptocurrency assets. Our primary forte is in blockchain and fintech and our ultimate goal is to enable consumers, merchants, institutions and governments to transact on our blockchain network. erse. Exchanges
P2PB2B exchange ($1.5b in daily trading volume with 1m active traders), UPBit exchange ($6.5-$9Billion in daily trading volume 10m users in primarily Korea) , LA Token Exchange (approx $300m in daily volume), hitBTC ($2.7b in daily trading volume) and we are in talks with other exchanges for future listing opportunities with Kucoin, Crypto.com, Binance and Coinbase. With predictions to grow exponentially and dramatically in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia regions upon securing a surplus liquidity. Our Mission
Our mission is to enable merchants across the country and worldwide to be able to accept cryptocurrency as a form payment in exchange for products and services (with a focus on small business to start) with other features not limited to effectively track orders/ handle logistics. We are at the forefront of a global financial payment's revolution and one of the first companies in the rat race to provide such a medium for businesses to be-able to accept/ receive, buy, sell, send, convert, borrow against, invest with and overall add digital assets and collectibles to their personal portfolios or balance sheets.
We are actively obtaining domestic and foreign licensing as a money services business and money Transmitter Licenses to be compliant in each state in the USA as well as certain licenses to operate a currency exchange in the EU and Asia however to bring our exchange to market we will first enable crypto to crypto exchange services. Our goal is to also establish a corporate presence in Japan and Singapore.

NFT Games:

· 2D Games
· 3D Games
· Augmented Reality Games
· Tournaments
· Sports and Betting

Metaverse (The Final Stage):

· Larecoin Metaverse Dapp

· Virtual Reality Games Development

· Integrating games with third party Metaverse Platforms

· Larecoin Metaverse VR HeadSet

· Larecoin Metaverse VR Smart Phone

What is Larecoin NFT?

Larecoin will launch an NFT marketplace to enable creators to list and sell to collectors along the way in 4 Phases:
1. Exclusive Collections
2. Holders Airdrops
3. Public Minting and Minting storefronts
4. Cross-Chain. Our NFTs will be used to play in our current games, which are played through the Larecoin apps. And the future VR / AR / 3D games, not limited to our B2B2C metaverse in our final stage.

What Are Larecoin Games?

Larecoin Games will be a way to engage the community and help them build relationships in a fun and competitive way. NFT games where you can earn to play, or bet to win peer to peer, and compete in skill-oriented environments are some of the many ways you will be able to constantly be rewarded for effort. We know that competitions are practical, simple ways to build the community, which is everything in projects, especially ones where you can eventually interact with other community members in the metaverse.

What is Larecoin dApps?

All noteworthy projects have dApps to bring investors accessibility and user-friendliness. Larecoin will have some of the most innovative and creative dApps with multiple use cases built especially for users to create their own realities and confidently navigate the Larecoin platform. Everything from a dex, a marketplace, NFTs, and a custom launchpad are all supported by our staff and dedicated team, who will be there to assist you 24/7.

What is Larecoin Final Stage?

Even though we have already started working in laying down the building blockcs to metaverse, our final stage is the most complex, and thus, will take more time to complete.


Larecoin is a deflationary asset where a 9% of each transaction is added to burn 3% forever into a dead wallet, 3% is awarded to all holders based on proportion of their holdings as a rewards incentive to stake and 3% goes back into a Liquidity Pool to enable opportunities for new holders. There will be gradual burns of 1.5T TOKENS that shall take place upon surpassing 50,000 holders over a course of 15 months. A total supply of only 10T Larecoin minted.
In conclusion, we all have seen the direction crypto is heading—into exciting and dream-like digital worlds, where tokens will be earned in incentivized trading, exchange, shopping, contests, staking, tournaments, and gameplay in the metaverse. Larecoin is here for you to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse. With the countless utilities, possibilities, and adaptations, your choices will be all up to you. So join us in changing the world!
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